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At Econo Publishing we understands what it takes to prepare your manuscript for publication and we will work together to create a high-quality book that fulfills your unique vision for your work. There are a lot of steps, phases and facets to producing a quality book, and Econo Publishing can lend you the help you need to make your book a page-turner.

We cannot begin working on your book without complete submission of materials including: Manuscript, Cover, Interior, and your Payment arrangements.

All packages include a quick edit. Proofread and spell check your manuscript, unless you are contracting with us for proofreading or editorial services, your manuscript should be free from any obvious errors.

Step 1

Read Through All of Our Instructions Carefully
Make sure that your manuscript meets our publishing requirements.  We are very easy to work with so if you have any questions you can call us. (208)402-8288.

Step 2

Set-up Your Book for Electronic Submission.
Please submit your entire book as a single word processing file, preferably Microsoft Word, either PC or Macintosh. Word processing files from MS Word flow seamlessly into our system but if you use another type of word processor, please save your file as any Word format, or as an RTF file. Do not save your file as ASCII or text-only or all the formatting may be lost.

Step 3 

Please Include Cover Pages.
Unless you have contracted with us to write your author bio and market copy (book summary) please create the following documents.
Applicable Author Information (not for publication).
Please include a manuscript cover page with your contact information including: Name, Pen Name, Address, Telephone Number, email, Website and any other important information. 

Author’s Biography
Up to 200 word, one or two paragraph description of yourself to appear on the back cover of your book.
Our packages include a Press Release & your own turnkey Smashwords®, Amazon® and Kindle® – e-book accounts set up and ready to use. With this in mind, we suggest including another 400 word, one to four paragraph longer description of yourself and/or a message to your readers. This may also appear on the author book page that readers view when they click on your name within the Econo Publishing Web site.

Pertinent Information to Include:
The title of your book
Your area of expertise
Any major media coverage you’ve received
Publications that you write for
Relevant experience
A link to your website (if applicable)
An author photo (if supplied)
Book Summary

Please include up to 200 word, one or two paragraph description of your book to appear on the back cover of your book.
You may also include another 500 word, one to five paragraph longer description of your book. This is where you can really provide a great description of your book. The description will appear on the book page that readers view when they click on your book image or title within the Econo Publishing Web site and will be accessed by Internet Search Engines.

Step 4

Book Cover Concept
All of our packages include custom cover design. We create a book cover design concept that will best represent your books content. We include the text, art, illustration, or photography imagery for your cover. Creating your book cover design concept can be challenging and we are open to any suggestion you’d like to make. Please refer to the art included section for specific submission rules. 

Step 5

Read the Publication Agreement  & Submit All Manuscripts Via:
Please contact us by Phone: (208) 402-8288  By email for Question or a Quote: Contact Us.

Art Work

File types can be JPG, PNG, EPS or TIF.

If images are to be included throughout your book, make sure you have identified and labeled the locations in the manuscript where they are to be placed. Do not embed or paste images into your manuscript. Please refer to the instructions for how to format your manuscript for details on inserting image references.

If A Photo Is Submitted It Must Meet The Following Requirements:

TIFF (.tif) or JPEG (.jpg) or PNG (.png) or EPS (.eps) format are preferred.  GIF files are NOT acceptable as this format is designed for use on the web.

Written copyright permission from the creator (artist, photographer, etc.) to use the work on your book cover.
Exception to the requirements: sample graphics and other illustrations that will only be used as ideas or guidelines for the design may be submitted in any format.

Avoid using PowerPoint or Microsoft Word’s art tools as these tools do not produce usable files.
Please don’t embed your art, instead use art references. For example: do not paste “picture01.jpg” into the manuscript. Instead, use the simple directive: [Insert picture01.jpg here]. We will find that reference and insert the corresponding art. Make sure you use the correct corresponding FILE NAME for the piece of art. 

If The image/art has a caption place the caption immediately below the directive to insert the image. Place this text at the beginning of the line – [CAPTION].

Longest River


For Example: [INSERT picture01.jpg here] [CAPTION] The Longest River in America

Manuscript Specs

The purpose of these instructions is to insure a smooth transition from manuscript to printed book.

Production Process

Your manuscript will be typeset, your text and layout will be formatted according to the standard series book layout specifications.  If you follow these guidelines it will help us to more quickly reformat your manuscript, and to avoid mistakes and corrections. The final version will be quick copy edited and/or language polished by us in order to insure a more consistent style. Several rounds of correction may be necessary before the manuscript is ready for print.

Book Length / Chapter Length

One book page contains approximately 1,100 characters and word counts are about 225. You should allow half a page for illustrations or tables. You may count your characters with the Word menu: Extras->Word count. Based on this information, you can estimate the number of book pages.

Operating System and Software

Please use standard software such as MS Word running under DOS, Windows, or Macintosh. If you are using other systems please check with us.

Manuscript Basics

You do not need to “layout” your manuscript in the way you want it to look as the printed book. We will do that for you! There are specifications we must follow to create a book ready for print. We use software specifically created for designing books. MS Word and other word processors are great for creating manuscripts but not for building books.

Digital Files

Please use a common word processing program such as Microsoft Word or Word Perfect. If you plan to use another method for your manuscript, please check with us first to make sure it is usable. To avoid unnecessary errors and additional cost, please send us your manuscript as a single MS Word file.

Manuscript Pages

Preferably, manuscript pages should be 8.5 x 11 with one-inch margins.


Preferably, manuscript pages should be in a commonly used text, such as: Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri in 12 point font. Please only leave one space between words and following periods. Use BOLD and ITALICs only where you need them.


Headings should be clearly recognized and consistent. Create space around heads by using a single return before and after. If you want, style the heads uniquely using the “Heading 1″ “Heading 2″ and “Heading 3″ styles found in MS Word under the Formatting menu choices. Bold or Caps are acceptable. Call us if you have questions.

Chapters & Formatting

Formatting should be kept to a minimum. Do not change the margins. Do not create repeating headers or footers, page breaks etc. because these must be erased manually. You do not need to include page numbers.

Do not arrange your text with the space key. Please use tabs or the return key.

Do not use long hard returns (hitting enter multiple times). This should be done when you want a chapter to start on a new page, or a specific portion of your text to fall on the next page.

Do not insert page breaks manually. You do not need to put a page break at the end of each page. MS Word and our formatting software will do that for you.

Don’t hit ENTER except at the end of paragraphs and before/after lines that you want to be by themselves. Our software determines the line length as we layout your book, and will automatically break them accordingly. Adding extra returns by either hitting the ENTER key, or hitting SHIFT-ENTER can really complicate the formatting of your final book design.

Dashes should be distinguishable from hyphens. Please use the long dash (Strg+Minus).
Example: 1996–1998.

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