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Specialty Projects

Have a challenging book design or unique vision for your writing project? Do you need it built on a budget and/or on a tight schedule, let our creative staff detail, design and construct your next specialty book. Our specialty book projects incorporate the elements of traditional and new technologies to help you discover and harness the power of your writings. The digital world has endless possibilities to incorporate technology that will enhance the reader’s experience and make you a proud author! Medical & health, poetry, children’s, Sci-Fi, art & design books, cookbooks, journals, musical, data, and more.

You can choose to publish your work in a specific style or format, in dazzling color or black & white, reference, catalog or instructional or even in script or monologues versions.

Check out some of Econo’s projects involving our Specialty Book Services!

Project Feature: All-New DIPIAP

“Cherry Twist… Book 1…The Beginnings, is written in the all-new DIPIAP (Dialogue Paragraphing in Action Pictures–Di-pee-app) format, invented by Econo Publishing. DIPIAP uses a movie script dialogue-style formatting with pictures that match the action.  This gives the reader a closer cinematic experience, and keeps the action and progression of the storyline going at breakneck speed.”

Feature: Text-to-Speech

We offer text-to-speech speech solutions to vocalize the content of your book. Choose from a variety of authentic voices that will liven up your book, increase your sales and brings more meaning & intent to your audience. Text-to-Speech is available for our Amazon book clients, and in TTS, Youtube, Podcasts, AVI,& MP4.

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