The $250 Econo Starter Pack

A $750 Value


The Challenge


Some Problems with Self-Publishing

The editing, formatting, design and publishing is not for the faint of heart, all of the pressure falls on you. Not to mention that submitting your book for publication can be very confusing & overwhelming. 

And, readers notice when your book isn’t formatted right or edited well and they will leave negative reviews about your book. Bad reviews can really affect your book sales because reviews are the first thing a book buyer looks at. 

Some of the Pitfalls of Publishing Houses

Since most of the publishing packages they offer are astronomically priced it can be really tough for a budding author to afford their services. And, if the fine print of their contracts isn’t examined closely, a new author could find themselves bound & restricted forever! 

Also, many authors report that the publishing houses treat them like a number, ignore their vision for the work and fall short when it comes to making their book stand out to sell more copies. 

The Solution


Breaking the Stigma

We set out to renovate the book publishing business and to mold it into an affordable package for authors who want to see their books in print and on line without breaking the bank! We have done this by offering a competitive and easy-to-understand package, specifically designed to give the author beautifully crafted, top quality book publishing services intended to create stunning — yet affordable — books. 

Working with the professionals at Econo Publishing to help bring your story to press can be a true advantage! You will get an entire staff that is pleasant natured, goal driven and willing to support you in the vison for your book. Here, you’re treated like a friend, not a number! 

What You See is What You Get

There are no hidden fees. Just a fair price for a great publishing package that almost any author can afford. There’s no gimmicks and you won’t be bugged to upgrade your package.  What you see is truly what you’ll get.

Plus, our contract has no fine print to mislead you. No signing away your work. You own 100% of your rights and retain 100% of your profits. You are in control of your distribution accounts, where you set your own retail price and earn money from your books’ sales, paid directly to you.

The Author, Artist and Musician's Best Friend

We Rethought Everything

This is What You Get

Mobile & Print Ready


• Your own turnkey Smashwords®, Amazon® and Kindle® – accounts set up and ready to use.

• Publish your book to CreateSpace®, Amazon Books® and Kindle Direct Publishing®.

• Sell your book and collect commissions from your sales or give it away for free.

• Your book will be available in these downloadable formats. EPUB , .mob, .Pdf – use adobe acrobat, Rtf – read in any word processor.

• Mobipocket/Kindle Books are available in EPUB, .mobi, .prc, and .azw.

• Plus we will e-mail you a copy of your book in .pdf and Microsoft Word formats.

Submission to Publication



Average turnaround time:  10 Days

# Easy to follow submission rules.

* $1.00 per page for books over 250 pages.

Built From the Inside Out


• Provide a quick edit including grammar, spelling, punctuation and capitalization.

• Choose a “Reader Friendly” font for your project.

• Design an effective and engaging cover for your book.

• Write or update your author bio for the back cover.

• Create an eye catching promotional market copy for your back cover.

• Assign a unique ISBN# for your book.

• Give you Search Engine/Amazon optimization to help readers find your book easily.

• Announce your new book to the media with a web-optimized press release.

$250.00 Econo Starter Pack a $750 Value


This Starter Pack is perfect for the author who needs help with preparing a manuscript for publishing or an excellent bargain for smaller types of publication materials too.

•Churches or Religious Organizations
•Personal Memoirs or Family Histories
•Political Campaign or Groups
•Small Business or Non-Profits
•Charities or Educational Organizations
•Societies or Chapters
•Adventure Groups or Youth Organizations
•Associations or Clubs
•Short Stories or Children’s Books
•Conferences or Seminars

The Results Are Amazing


We Rethought Everything

The Author, Artist and Musician's Best Friend

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