Econo Publishing, LLC

Unleash Your Inner Author! 

A Digital Agency

We understand the big picture for a client’s needs, and we have the tools and expertise to turn those needs into a successful multi-platform online campaign.

Forward Thinking

We’re constantly exploring ways to take advantage of the new and ever evolving technologies to better reach a broader audience.

Problem Solvers

Econo consists of excellent storytellers and creative problem solvers working together to encourage everyone to participate in developing a rich array of ingenious solutions.

Customer Support

Our knowledgeable, experienced, friendly and helpful staff is excited to answer any of your questions.

Our Mission

At Econo Publishing we recognize what it takes to prepare your manuscript for publication and we will work together to create a high-quality book that fulfills your unique vision for your work. We pledge to give you the best value for your dollar and in delivering to you high quality work within the quickest time frame possible.

A Bit About Our Company:

Econo is the ideal solution for those with limited formatting skills, a limited budget or those who wish to implement a targeted publicity campaign. We love what we do for a living and we are privileged to publish the work from a wide range of great authors whom share our vision for success.

Our team includes broadcasters, publicists, musicians, veterans, producers, marketers, artists, and authors to bring our clients the wealth of talent they deserve. We feel it’s important to know the people you work with.

We are lucky to be working in a field we are so passionate about. Econo Publishing is a place where we trust the people we work for, where we have pride in what we do, and where we enjoy the people we work with. We are dedicated to inspire our clients to reach their dreams.

Larry E. "Buck" Hunter

Larry E. "Buck" Hunter

Author, Broadcaster, Editor & Publicist

In the marketing communications field for over 30 years, Larry specializes in executive coaching, professional speaking, radio & television broadcasting and most importantly, real-life, in-the-trenches mass-media marketing experience.  He has established a solid reputation as a top notch publicist, event producer and entertainment communications professional with expertise in the publishing markets. By harnessing his powerful social and media networks he nurtures a strong relationships with editors at leading publishing, advertising, press & wire services, as well as on-line outlets; and producers at major TV and radio outlets.

Steven Alexander

Steven Alexander

Author, Event Producer, & Veterans Writing Consultant

Steve is a seasoned author, talk show host & entrepreneur who knows what moves audiences. As an author of 14 books & with nearly 30 years’ experience in the writing industry, Steve knows how to get you connected with your audience. As a wounded war veteran himself, Steve specializes in Veterans writing services & believes that every veteran has a story to share. Steve’s creativity & imagination allow him to be the perfect consultant for veterans on all subject matters.  He knows what it takes to assist veterans in writings that will translate your military experience into expressive works of art.

Vin Smith

Vin Smith

Editor, Publicist & Literary Coach

In the literary and communications field for over 50 years, Vin has the knowledge to cover all the bases. As an internationally known author, Vin has written of over 44 books and he knows what ittakes to build you a successful and enjoyable career. He has always kept his finger on the pulse of the publishing industry and specializes in promotional campaigns, literary representation, complete editing services, book packaging, skilled publicists, and expert publishing manager. 

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